Do you want to play the Trend game? Yahoo and O'Reilly have powered "The Buzz Game." Check it out.
There is more to it than just trends. There is also the "Wisdom of the Crowd" at work. If you can predict a trend in behaviour, you can predict styles, commodity usage, potential crises and opportunities.
Google has blogged about this concept. They have also open sourced their, "Idea Futures" application. In my line of work, trend prediction could allow gear shifting in dynamic content service. From an associate program standpoint, you could sniff indicators for trends and then make relevant product links available. Hurricane on approach? Link to place to download roadmaps. Michael Jackson in the news? Get a book on how to keep your children safe from child molestors. Trend prediction is a key way to make an opportunity for yourself based on good data and the capability to react.


Falcona said…
Thanks Mike, its cool, a little like Hollywood Stock Exchange but for searches. I'll give it a try for a bit, see how I do. :)

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