Personal Renaissance

To-do lists piss me off. Not having them, but keeping items on them. I have all of these great ideas but they come so fast and furious that I can barely get one idea fleshed out before the next idea comes along: tech, art, diabolical plans-- you name it. I have a whole bunch of ideas and I have put a halt on new things until the old stuff is out of the way.
Here's the stuff on the go with me now:
  • I got out the door. It's now merrily chugging away sucking down RSS feeds and turning them into posts. All filtered and screened as I set-up.
  • I went to my orientation meeting for Cinevic. Well, I went; I still have to do volunteer hours and then pay up.
  • I posted items to Etsy. They're weird, they're made of sculpey. They're all me.
  • I started playing with AJAX. First thing out the gate: AJAX tie-in of XML to the Google Maps API.
  • I've been actively working up my Linux/Apache skill sets. It's kind of like pulling teeth, but I only have so many teeth to pull.
  • I got a new laptop. It's capable of most of the cool stuff, I hoped to do. I got Civ4 for Christmas and now I can play it. Sooner or later, I will write mods for Civ4 as the scenarios are written in Python and XML.
  • I was tapped as an interview source for NY Times piece. They were looking for people who thought they were able to overeat after discovering that a fat gene may be behind their tubby proportions. Sorry: alcoholics know they can't drink. Fat gene holders should know they can't have a triple burger..... mmmm.... A&W grandpa burger.... mmmm....
  • I've been doing an Arts & Entertainment column for the West Coaster for the last month. An hour or so of each Wednesday night. Not that bad a deal.
Stuff on my to-do list:
  • Follow through with the Cinevic membership process. Really. It's only been three years in the offing.
  • I bought a copy of the new edition of the Call of Cthulhu RPG: my plan is to game a little and write another adventure for Chaosium.
  • Work on a project that includes XML, Flash and AJAX. I have a friend in India that I may tap for aid. I also may write up a project plan and see who would be out there who can help. If you're reading this and you either like coding with Flash with XML; or you have an artistic flair and a love of Flash: contact me :)
  • Work on an admin system for the AJAX/XML map building tool.
  • Replace some non-critical systems at work with new tools. I am just going to put them in place as time allows. If they're liked, great; if not, I'll consider them practical experiments. I'm going to do these outside of regular hours and not let them cut in on my regular work projects.
In short, things are good right now. I am almost ready to say that I am going through personal renaissance. Contrast that to 1 year ago. What happened 1 year ago? That's for tomorrow: the one year anniversary of April 25th, 2005, a lousy day from a lousy month.


Cheryl said…
Hey, cool! I didn't know about the West Coaster stuff. (Don't try to say you told me.. I'm quite sure you didn't).

And I am glad you are having a good run at things. It makes our world a fun place to be. :)

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