Victoria Bicyclists: A Photo Essay

Victoria has bike lanes all over the place. It's a really bicyclist friendly city. So what do bicyclists do when given all of these bike lanes, bike turn only intersections and all of this? They ignore them. What's worse? Stupid bicyclists actively make it worse for the few responisble ones out there. No? Witness below my photo essay of Victoria bicyclists on a busy Saturday afternoon on the TransCanada Highway (Hwy 1) (see my Flickr slideshow here)

Start with two dumb bicyclists...
dumb bicyclists1

What happens when they encounter alot of pedestrians plus a bus?

dumb bicyclists2

After that, they encounter just two pedestrians:
dumb bicyclists3

How can a bicyclist deal with this problem? Wait? Move across the street to join the rest of the Northbound traffic? Get off his bike?
dumb bicyclists4

No way! He's going to bike down the oncoming lane along one of the busiest roads in the city on the busiest day of the week.

Where were these chuckleheads going? What was so important that they'd risk driving down oncoming traffic like Gene Hackman in the French Connection?
Answer here...


Cheryl said…
definitely not surprised at their ultimate destination.

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