Revenge is a Dish That Is Best Served Cold

Flashback to 2002. I was financially screwed. I was part of a tech co-op. The business was slowly falling apart. I was earning a lofty $6000/year +/-. I had one deadbeat client that owned a hair salon. They owed me like $100 for web hosting. So, I sent them a bill. Then a second bill. Then a third. Then I phoned one of the salons and left a message that if we weren't paid, it would have to go to collections. The manager got all pissy, left this pathetic note but paid.
Then two weeks later, I got a call from the provincial sales taxpeople: they wanted to audit my business. Weiner boy called down a PST audit on me. So, they went over my books and found that I forgot to charge some people tax. On some of the equipment that I had yet to paid for, I failed to pay PST. In other words, equipment that I could not pay the seller for, I had to pay the tax for. They handed me an $1100 bill that I had to pay. Yay!
Fast forward to today. I am watching the news. There is a woman who was the resident manager of a low income living complex ran by the Kiwanis in VicWest. There was some issue and the administrator fired her then evicted her. Bam! She's suddenly homeless and jobless. That sucks.
Then it gets better.
They announced who the administrator was. Bing! It was the same guy who sicced a PST audit on me when I asked that he pay his bill. So A-Channel News does the whole trick on him as he's going into the residential tenancy office for an arbitration hearing. They do a slow motion focus like he's a maurading bear. It was great, but it gets better. Supposedly, he has been illegally entering the tenant suites. This weekend, police arrested him for this. While I was shopping and having a delightful sushi lunch this weekend, police were slapping the cuffs on this piece of crap. Ah...

UPDATE: It keeps getting better. The administrator has made petty, threatening and belittling comments to the reporter covering this misadventure. A lot of residents have come forward. Residents claimed that the above mentioned administrator has threatened them. Also, they've found this excellent allbeit super-weasely loophole: fixed tenancy agreements. They get someone on a fixed income to sign an agreement that is also a 1 year tenancy agreement. If they flinch or bitch during that year, they get tossed out. That's how the aforementioned administrator likes to do things. I guess that's why he bailed out of being an engineer. When you bully a senior citizen, they cave. When you bully a bulkhead into being structurally sound, it caves in and sinks the ship.


Xxaatm said…
ohmygawd! I sooooo love this.
and..needed to read it too considering my shit list this year so far.
Thanks Mike!

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