Downtown Victoria: Home to Jaywalkers and Drug Addicts

I made the mistake of going downtown today. I realized that I seldom go into town and its a splash of icy feculant water whenever I do. It took us 20 min. to get from Broughton/Douglas to Broad near Yates by car; likely it would have taken 15 minutes to do so by foot. I did have one happy moment. A ponderously fat man crossed the sidewalk over the course of a couple of minutes. When we were on foot, I saw this large man walk towards us. I "accidentally" turned to my wife and began gesturing and shifting my position thereby blocking the sidewalk (blocking a whole sidewalk? Think about it: a fat man blocking a fat man?) and I kept this man from his destination. Ah... petty, yes, but that's the kind of man I am.
Okay, that's for the jaywalkers. What about the drug addicts and riff raff? All I can say is that as bad as we have it, other places have it much, much worse:
BERLIN (Reuters) - A homeless woman refuses to stop bathing naked in Munich's public fountains despite being repeatedly fined for breaking public nudity laws.

Bild newspaper reported Thursday the 44-year-old woman named "Bille," who weighs more than 300 pounds, can be seen almost every day with her bottles of soap and shampoo bathing in one of the Bavarian capital's 183 public fountains.

"She's already been charged on 21 occasions for such things as causing public disturbance as well as breaking and entering," a Munich police spokesman said.

A social worker told Bild that Bille keeps rejecting a room in a homeless center.

"We can't force her," he said.


Tim said…
Hmmm... we do have the Centennial Fountain...

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