The Tank Is Empty

I love how many people whine in my direction and then take my advice: 70% of my advice.

Our web page doesn't work! Fool: why did you change all of your settings then call me?
I don't have any money! Idiot: you're spending 40 hours per week creating content and posting on stupid-ass websites for free; the same content can be sold for money, like in the old days. Like someone said recently, the crap you see on used to be schilled by Fox and America's Funniest Videos. Pap is still currency. Until someone gets tired of a monkey washing a cat, it always will be. When I wish to, I will post a long list of how-tos for making money on the web on my own website.
I have to get to an online meeting/post some material.
Schmuck: you're leaving a gathering of real people for digital output that simulates people. It's like leaving a party to go to a portrait gallery. The difference with the portrait gallery is that the portraits have artistic merit.
Your plan isn't working! Stupid: of course not. You followed 70% of the plan. It's like a recipe where you're leaving out the flour or the water or another single main ingredient. It's like exercise without dieting; or parachuting without a parachute.

From now on, when people look at me all despondent, I'm going to shrug.
I can't pay my bills. shrug
I can't get a new hard drive. shrug
I can't do my homework. shrug
Why am I so busy, tired and unhappy? Can you please say that louder? This connection to Havanna was worse than the connection to Athens last week or the connection to Phuket the week before that.

You selfishly made your own your own choices-- you exercised a huge amount of will power to flip yourself on your back then passed the suffering onto me. Ditto. You seem to forget that I listen and that I care. Every time you jab me in the neck with your angst, it sticks there like a 12" splinter. I can't stop you from getting into trouble. I can't make you get out of trouble. All I can do is stop caring because you don't care enough to fix your own problems.

I've heard it said that control is only expressed in denial. If you can destroy something you can control it. You make it do what you want of its own volition under threat of destruction. Your boss doesn't make you work hard. He makes you want to work hard or your job will end. If you resist advice, you're able to drive yourself into a wall: to practice control through destruction on your own self. If you submit a manuscript, someone else turns it down. If you don't submit it, you've controlled the point of failure. If you fail to take a driving test, you think you haven't failed the test, you've controlled the result. Everyone I know is welcome to scream into walls and poke holes through their worn garments. I congratulate you on exercising control over your own lives.


Ted said…
Stop sugar-coating and tell us how you REALLY feel!

Name names you litigation-fearing B@$!@%#!

Cheryl said…
erm... I'd rather he didn't name names... as I think I fall under his axe-swinging hand! :O

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