Resume of a Murderer

So, in reading this resume, I have to ask: are some of the girls he mentions no longer alive? Did he leave off the ones he murdered?

I have an old addage: criminals don't go to jail for all of their crimes, just the ones wherein they were caught.
I'll bet this isn't a proud feat of publicity for the folks at


Tim said…
I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop in this one, FWIW. He sure does seem to like teaching young girls, though, doesn't he?
Mike DeWolfe said…
I think there are holes in his claims. Why he'd cop to a major case is a mystery:
a) he's done something worse in Thailand and he needed a ticket out with the equivalent of a flash bulb;
b) he wants 15 minutes of fame as the guy who lied about the murder.

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