Dave and Simi are sleeping in

I start my morning with Breakfast Television. The insufferable perkiness of most morning shows makes me wretch. BTV was different because of acidic and thoroughly amusing Dave Gerry and his foil, the competant Simi Sara.
For the last couple weeks, Dawn Chubai and Kyle "someone stole my eraser!" Donaldson have helmed the show on CityTV. I thought, "oh well-- those two deserve a vacation." Three weeks later I thought, "how much vacation do these guys, get?" Then I looked up BTV's site: No Dave. No Simi. They were booted on August 14th. I have to think this was because of two big factors: they were veterans who likely fetched high salaries; and CityTV is desperate for ratings. If they can't get the rating at least they will lose on the cheap. If you look at CityTV's advertisments it says it all: lots of spots going to the CityTV advertising department (Charles Bilash dances for the people who he pays money too-- likely there is an onslaught of contra going on). When CityTV starts advertising that they advertise, it's clear they're not making any money.
So what do we have in lieu of Dave Gerry and Simi Sera? Kyle and Dawn ran around the studio shaking the keyboards to find crumbs and dandruff. Really. They cut to their remote to have Ashley "Hooray! I'm the one person in my Applied Communications course who got a job" Tyndall interview two really pathetic Fringe performers (bad German accents, mime make-up and they "sing"). They're all done.
One side-effect of the Internet era: when people of stations were broomed, it quietly happened. CityTV is all around the interactivity. So, their own forums are abuzz over these firings. It's likely that Dave, Simi and six others were not the only ones broomed in CityTV's attempt to staunch the red flow: while they fired Dave and Simi and updated the BTV site itself, they failed to get rid of Dave Gerry's page and Simi Sara's page! Way to fire your webmaster-- or keep his pathetic junior intern.
I will be staying on auto-pilot until Monday, September 8th, when "A" fires up their morning show again (until Febuary 2009 when their lousy ratings gets them clipped in a televised version of deja vu). Way to go CityTV: you're circling the drain. Dawn, Mark and Tasha should make sure that CBUT and Global BC have your updated resumes-- er, Kyle: you should call back Staples and see if they recieved your application.


fireballdiva said…
I will never watch BTV again! I thought Dave and Simi were on vacation and just found out there were fired! I would look forward to waking up and watching BTV because Dave and Simi were hilarious and had a chemistry that was unmatchable. Bad move on BTV's part. The CEO should resign. Good bye BTV...hello Global. You guys are insane to think this was a good move. Kyle and Dawn are annoying as heck and Ashley does not compare to Tasha!

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