Let Advertisers know you wanted to watch Dave and Simi

I have kicked the BTV habit in the wake of the Dave Gerry and Simi Sara booting. I thought I would share that with their few remaining advertisers. Here is my comment to the makers of Mini-Mini-Mini-Mini-Wheats (and sponsor of Breakfast Television in Vancouver):

I wanted to let Kellogg's know that I have given up on the show you sponsor: CityTV Vancouver's Breakfast Televsion. After their firings and staff cutbacks, the morning show is no longer enjoyable. If your goal is to reach customers through advertising, I think you will find that Breakfast Television is a poor way to spend your advertising budget.
For me, I've given up and I'm happy to be watching A TV's Morning show. It's local (for Vancouver Island) and it's entertaining. If you want to pass on that you've passed on BTV, why not let Kelloggs or Charles Bilash (2) know?


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