Guess Who's Got the VCE Mailing List?

In 2007, the Victoria Civic Electors (VCE) disbanded. The farm team for the NDP-- their civic face in Victoria closed up shop. They had elected Dean Fortin and Pam Maddoff so that Maddoff could stop progress and Fortin could, uh, do what he does best?
Fast forward to the current municipal election. Dean Fortin is out stumping for his favourite candidate (himself). Last week select people around Victoria began to recieve begging letters from Dean Fortin's campaign. This wasn't a scattershot approach going out randomly. No: it appears that many former VCE supporters are receiving these letters.
So the question to put out there: how is it that the VCE was dissolved but Dean Fortin is mailing people from the VCE list? The better questions that recipients are asking range from "Why is my privacy gone?", "Did the VCE sell the list?" to "If the VCE didn't sell or volunteer this list to Dean Fortin, how is it that the campaign has a list of addresses of people who either don't care about his mayoral bid or actually would prefer that Fortin retire from public life?"
Maybe privacy isn't important to some people. Unfortunately, people who don't care about privacy shouldn't run for public office.


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