High Toll for No Tolls on the Coquihalla

Gordon Campbell came out of his rebuke at the Union of BC Municipalities. Then he proudly announced that the Coquahallia toll booth would no longer collect fees. The news surprised a number of people-- especially those who worked with the toll booth. They were unaware of the move, nor was the Ministry of Transportation informed of the move prior to Campbell's proclamation. The message is clear: Campbell needs to make sure he can get re-elected. So, we hit the Sticks and started doling out goodies: grants, discounts and public works. If his timing is right, the ribbon cutting cermonies will happen just months prior to the election campaigns. Campbell and his cronies will be able to fly into the hinterland on BC Govvernment "business." Then, they may come back to get re-elected.

In the meantime, the staff who used to work the tolls will have to find other work in Merritt.

When Campbell is blasting through the toll booths (which will not be dismantled-- you know-- in case they get re-elected and need the cash) in his SUV will he be alone in the car? Maybe not.


Gary said…
I was sick and tired of the NDP's blowing our Provincial Budget to the nether regions, and actually thought(I use that in the generic sense)that Campbell would right the Provincial ship.

This man is a Provincial wrecking ball, padding his cronies pockets, not to say his own, and doing it at the expense of the "rest of B.C"(you know not the mainland).

If he deludes himself into thinking that removing the Tolls on the Coquihalla is going to win him Interior seats, he's either Drinking or smoking B.C.'s most profitable crop again.

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