Chubby Man Thrown out of Tim Horton's : Film at 11

Last night I was at the Tim Horton's in Esquimalt. All Tim Horton's are refuges of the damned: deep fried dough, black bile that a double-double can never fix, and some of the stupidest people alive behind the till. No? I can't how many times I ordered a tea with sugar only to receive a double-double coffee. Little Esquimalt has two Timmy's:
Little Timmy's: where drug addicts shoot up, so they have to lock the bathrooms and close early.
Big Timmy's: where people go to sober up after the Carlton Club. The local hero is a Doug: a pimp who recruits girls from the popular smoking side of the donut shop.
My friend loves Timmy's coffee. I think it's swill. While I continue to go there to allow him to get his coffee, we now depart and go to Serious Coffee or settle for a Starbucks so that I can get coffee. Last night we did this and travelled around town. Later, my friend wanted another Timmy's. We went back to the Sarlac pit in Esquimalt. I bought my friend a coffee. The place was almost empty: two girls, a man having coffee with one of the staff, two scabby women behind the counter and a lanky moron. I had my delicious Serious Coffee in my hand while ordered the coffee for my friend and handed it to him. My friend was saying something to one of the girls. The lanky chimp called to the me, "EXCUSE ME SIR! YOU HAVE TO COVER UP THAT CONTAINER OR LEAVE." Seriously? There was no one there to see that there was an alternative the shitty Tim Horton's coffee. I replied that I was happy to leave and that I could understand that they don't people to see that there is "an alternative to your shitty coffee." In the universe at that moment there were people saving lives, experiencing joy or making a productive contribution to the world. The moron in a black polyester shirt was using his time on this precious Earth to preserve the branding of Tim's Horton's in the eyes of three customers-- two of whom had their backs turned to the cash register. Bravo, moron. Bravo.

Mmmm... Timmy's....


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