Photoshoot Gone Awry

Photoshoot photo
Originally uploaded by dewolfe0001
We went to friend's birthday party on this secluded beach in Gordon Head. It was nice and it was hard to get to. We noticed a couple of people tinkering with photographic equipment. Later the guy set-up more elaborate equipment and the girl stripped down to a bikini. He started to take photos despite the number of families in our cluster. A short time later, a couple of surfer types showed up to skid around in the shallow waters. I thought, "Hey-- they shooting the cover for a porn video." I had other ideas that went through my head: "that guy doesn't have any film!" and "Geez-- I can't believe I got a girl to take her clothes off!" and "golly-- I thought no one would show up here,"
Twenty minutes later, a bunch of party monkeys showed up to drink and smoke up. One of them stripped off his top and and mugged for a photo with the girl in the bikini. Poor photographer dude: he totally pwned your vibe.


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