Science World: Avoid It

Science World hit its pinnacle after the National Socialist Credit Party (aka the Liberal prequel) spawned Expo 86. Since then, the quaint 1980s interactive science exhibit has aged. Many of the exhibits are broken or non-functional. Now the Telus World of Science has become very expensive and largely run by volunteers of varying capacities. One of those volunteers humiliated a woman who was breastfeeding her child while her other child was playing in one of the functional exhibits. In response to the conduct of the volunteer (who is getting paid what he is worth), Science World has rewritten its orientation policy for volunteer staff members. The volunteer told her that breastfeeding her newborn baby on site was "immoral." I love the idea of calling breastfeeding immoral. I'm sure this spastic either feels dirty when he pees; or feels shame at what his mother laughingly called his "nub."
The irony of this incident is still to come: breastfeeding activists are planning a Feed-In in the coming days to protest. The women will pay over $20 a head to draw attention to the conduct of one pathetic moron; and give the ailing tourist trap a financial shot in the arm.


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