Launch Tubes Are Supposedly Not Cool

When I was a kid, I watched all sorts of crappy TV. At drama class, the kids talked about how much TV they used to watch in a week: "none", "two hours", "five hours". I sat there, doing math on my chubby fingers and said, "40-50 hours" Everyone's jaws dropped. Well, screw you, you wouldbe mimes and interpretive dance performers!

Of the many things that stuck with me was the crappy show, UFO. I used to get gunned when the team would get into their ships by lifting themselves into these tubes shooting themselves feet first into their launch vehicles. It was all a source of excitement: they're getting into tubes, they're going into vehicles-- it was awesome for a six-year old. I was floating home renovation ideas to the Wife. Because we have a peculiar shaped house, we have some odd dimensions to contend with. I suggested that have access from the proposed new workshop into the basement via "one of those launch tubes like in UFO." She didn't understand. That said, everyone likes the idea of the Bat pole for access from one part of the house to the other. You have to pick your battles.


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