8:15AM : Newsflash : Disaster @ Point Ellice Bridge

Disaster struck the Bay Street bridge this morning. Last night, a worker on the Point Ellice Bridge ruptured a Terasen gas line. Vehicle traffic was blocked off from the area. Details at present are sketchy, but this morning as an unnamed government worker was biking to work while enjoying his morning smoke. The source of ignition touched off the gas leak and tragedy ensued. Emergency teams are still on the scene at this hour.

Last night, a gas leak led to the closure of the Point Ellice (Bay Street) Bridge and it was not expected to open until close to noon today. In addition to the closure to vehicle traffic, marine traffic heading into and out of the Upper Harbour and air traffic in the area is affected. Bicycle traffic, pedestrians and vagrants making use of the paths near the bridge were not redirected.


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