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Apple launched the iPad with much hoopla. They were so eager to get to the market, they skipped over the question of whether they own the rights to the iPad name. They don't. I thought I could make hay off of the iPaid.com domain-- I can't: a bank owns it.
I do love the concept of the iPad: $499+ price tag. It has the streamlined sexy cool of the iPod and iPhone. I have seen lots of tablet PCs over the years. They were all wanting, so the market was ready for a new gadget. Many things suck about the iPad: one app at a time. What? Since 1988, I've been able to run more than one app. WTF? Even the new Palm has that capacity-- so iPod newer bigger brother should have been able to pull this off. What this will do is raise awareness of the tablet concept in the PC world. Between Windows 7, the iPod pinch-pull fascination and trending towards laptops, the iPad could have propelled us squarely in the tablet direction and opened the floodgates for Apple revenues. Instead, I think Apple will repeat the path of being a trailblazer followed by more successful innovators (eg. Mac vs. Windows).
The iPad is bigger iPod/iPhone. It's definitely not a better version of either, missing the portability of both and the functionality of the latter. I like that my laptop closes to becomes its own last line of defense. I like that my hands are resting atop the key pad while the screen square of facing me. The hinge on my laptop is keeping those two in a handy relationship. Sure you can play a game on the iPad, but the Wii, PS3 and 360 all do it better.
All of these are good reasons i Pass on the iPad. That said: make me into a believer. Give me a free iPad to review. If you make me love the iPad I will let my love be known to the world.


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