We don't want *you* to end breast cancer.

I'm tired of the giant marketing engine behind breast cancer. Every ad break on TV has a breast cancer ad. There are christmas ornaments. Most foods sport a pink ribbon. When Trojan comes out with their pink ribbon condoms, I will have to buy a box. Breast Cancer is a growth industry: they have no shortage of job openings. While most charities are going hat in hand to keep their doors open, the Breast Cancer-Charity complex is expanding in all directions. Do they want to end breast cancer? How much of the your donation is getting into research and treatment? Good question. Their FAQ largely covers payment concerns and questions about the bi-daily walks to end cancer. Are they so awash in money that they can fund research and their hydra-like fund raising efforts? Putting those little pink ribbons on your ravioli and pet food and novelty playing cards costs money: the company has to kick back money to the Breast Cancer-Charity complex and that where they get to cash in big-time.

Breast cancer hits approximately 110 out of 100,000 people per year.
Prostate cancer hits approximately 120 out of 100,000 people per year.

There are big causes to cancer, but clipping these factors will hinder fund raising opportunities:
  • Air pollution from cars. The upswing in Breast Cancer numbers co-incides with the upswing in traffic density. That pollution is way more damaging than cigarette smoke but try assailing Big Oil.
  • Electrification. Take me out of the microwave, I'm done. Everywhere turn, we are faced with electrical devices and EM generating devices and many of these are keep up a perpetual wireless chatter. Electrical devices use up so much power because they bleed out so much power in unintended directions. When power moves from a generator to your home, upto 2/3 of that power gets lost en route. Some of that is expressed as heat, the rest of that renegade electricity is pelting the world around us. Cancer needs a catalyst to develop: all of this lost electricity is ideal.
  • Oral Contraceptions. The Pill sparked the Sexual Revolution caused an onslaught of hormonal changes that increased the likelihood of Breast Cancer (and ovarian and cervical cancer). Working from 1977 forward, the number of cases of breast cancer has climbed each year.
  • Longevity. People are living longer which means you're playing more games of Russian Roulette. The likelihood of prostate cancer and the longevity of men have crossed: if you live long enough, you will get prostate cancer.
So, why I am so angry about the Breast Cancer-Charity complex? It turns out they only want some people's money. This from CKNW:
Exotic dancers in Vancouver are optimistic they will find a charity to accept their fundraising dollars.
The dancers raised $3,000 for the Breast Cancer Society of Canada last year through an annual fundraising event.
But this year the Society has turned down their donation, saying some major donors don't want to be associated with exotic dancing.
But after CKNW aired the story, several agencies have stepped forward ready to accept the donation, and dancer organizer Trina Ricketts says she's encouraged, "We've had a few different people e-mail to say they'd be willing to accept our donation and we're going to make a decision collectively, based on how our money could impact those organizations."
The dancers' charity event takes place on March 4th at the Drake Showlounge in Vancouver.
It takes a savvy business mind to turn down $3000 if that money jeopadizes a million dollars from some well-heeled bank.


Zézette said…
Barbara Ehrenreich, “Welcome To Cancerland.” “[A]lthough we may imagine ourselves to be well past the era of patriarchal medicine, obedience is the message behind the infantilizing theme in breast-cancer culture, as represented by the teddy bears, the crayons, and the prevailing pinkness.”

The Pink Ribbon plague is world-wide, my friend. It helps people to feel they're doing "a bit of good", without having to actually deal with anything icky, like --eww!!-- sick people. The smiley, feel-good theme they've got going on this campaign really pisses me off. I recently lost a close family member to breast cancer, and I can tell you it's not cute, pink and fluffy. It's degrading, arduous and painful. And no amount of chocolate biscuits with pink filling is going to alleviate that.

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