Cue "Baby Elephant Walk..."

Mark Coreth came back from Africa and built a lifesize African bull elephant.
From an armature, he built up chicken wire mesh, then a used polystyrene (e.g. Great Stuff foam) to build up its bulk, then coated it in plaster.
He now intends on selling it and has received bids in excess of $500k (Cdn.). This is dangerous for me, because I would do a sculpture like this, waterproof it and thread a garden hose up through the trunk, plug in another hose to the end that extends out the footer and-- voila!-- you have a lawn ornament that can spray into the air on command. Man... I'm only I could spend all my time sculpting... This has inspired me to pull out all of my bits of stuff (wood, chicken wire, etc.) and maybe turn into a single piece of work to accrete my clutter and have something to show for it.


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