Connect The Dots: Internet Style

So, I've signed up for Squidoo-- the latest in a spate of Web 2.0 children of Geocities-type-sites.

What did I have to rattle on about:

Mike DeWolfe - My hub of information.
Video Help - Since getting Adobe Premiere Elements, I've been having great fun building videos and posting them on Youtube. I thought I could share some of the stuff I've picked up, like chroma keys, cuts and dissolves and timing.
Cramped Chef - I cook and I like the rattle on about how I make what I make.


Tim Bailey said…
Looks interesting; I'm skeptical of Web 2.0; I can't believe how many competing places on the web there are for personal sites; As far as I can see, the most predominantly different feature of Squidoo is the ratings system.

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