Aqua Teen Hunger Force Destroys Boston

I have been watching two levels of auto-pilot, two smart guys and one dumb guerilla marketing expert.
Yesterday, Boston ground to a halt. Alert teams sprung into action. They destroyed flashing devices that were installed under bridges and in plain view. A menacing LED icon on a box.
Wouldbe terrorists, Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens were arrested and released today on $2500 bail. Their lawyers advised them not to talk about the affair. Of course a hungry media wouldn't have any of that. The perched a podium bristling with microphones on the steps of the court house. The sober pair of Berdovsky and Stevens stepped up and attacked their assailants-- the media. Their lawyer told them not to talk about the case. So, they began gibbering about hair styles. Media-- so hungry to get a scoop-- listened on and broadcast a live ramble about Afros vs. Mohawks.
Media loves the War on Terror. It's a feeding frenzy without end. Terorists could strike right now with new weapons and without warning. Terrorism is way more juicy than the Cold War. There, the Russians had to warm up, get angry, move tanks into East Germany and we had to hoarde food-- then we have a story. Now with the WoT, we can think that one gaff by Jack Bauer and part of LA evaporates in a flash. Did I just confuse "24" and CNN's The Situation Room? Like Chimps and Humans; TV fiction and fact share 99% of the same DNA. I'm not saying that TV dramas are preambles; I'm saying that TV News is just a sliver away from total fiction.
What freaks me out the most: make a sign look weird and the city shuts down; make a bomb look like a regular street sign and you could perch it on any highway.
There needs to be charges levelled at the city official who yelled fire in the crowded theatre. It's his fault; not the fault of the guerilla marketers.
All of this estrangement of fault from blame is my own source of hope. Police can shoot children armed with cap guns and it's not the police's fault. See an LED of a video game figure, trigger a terror alert and its not some bureaucrat's fault. I hope to divorce myself from my responsibility and hand someone else the bill. When I do, I will have a large and well established basis of precedent to fall back on. Society congratulates children and punishes adults because infantiles can be controlled and shaped; adults can step away from the power structures and that's unacceptable.


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