Cthulhu Foam Home

Tail's Eye View I have continued to work on my Cthulhu sculpture. What was a woeful combination of cat litter bins and a leftover BBQ is now looking a little more sculpture-like. If you missed my last post, the plan: turn all of my recycling and leftover junk into the foundation of a sculpture. My goal: to make a sculpture of the Great Cthulhu from the Lovecraftian mythology. While I started with a very precise look, I looked around for artwork-- examples to talk a lead from. It turns out that almost every artist has their own take on what Cthulhu looks like. So, Add me to this pile. I have built mine with a big tail, small legs, large arms. It will have large wings with the characteristic head o'tentacles. My logical foundation for the dimensions: Cthulhu is a sci-fi/horror character built as a creature of space where legs (read: walking) are overrated. The tail is a counter balance. It's true means of propulsion will be its wings. For that matter: wings, arms and legs mean that Cthulhu is six-limbed creature-- almost insectoid in that respect.
Where I am at now in this design: over top of the base layer, I have built up plywood shapes, metal strapping, soft foam and wire mesh. Next, I will completely coat the shape in spray foam. That will require a couple of passes: shape it, shave it, repeat. It does have to be perfect at that stage. All it is was to be is either accurate or welcoming of a new layer atop it. When I am at that step, I will start to work up layers of fibreglass. Put on the layers, sand them, tweak them, then buff the surface down to a freakish polish. Did I mention that this sculpture comes with a surprise?
Meshed tail In last couple of weeks, I have almost wholly coated this sculpture in a layer of wire mesh. Today, I sheaved the wooden tail (made of plywood and wood) in wire mesh (also called metal cloth). The wire mesh will catch the spray foam as it expands. That will give the foam and the mesh a rigidity that each didn't have separately.

Keep watching the Skies!


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