Google: Blotting Out The Earth

There was a Wikipedia piece on parts of the globe that Google Maps has purposely blotted out. Alot of the locations are military installations and nuclear power plants. Ironically: the security in these places is strong. Go to the Ukraine and you can likely use a credit card to jimmie all of the locks that lead into a nuclear plant's reaction chamber. Mask those locales from suspect purposes? Nah.

I said, "was a Wikipedia piece" because it was slated for deletion. Before it's gone, I snagged a copy:

Google Maps or Google Earth contains digital images of the earth; a number of sensitive locations are digitally obscured or blurred [1]. Many other areas in Google Earth have been blurred by governments keen to stop people seeing sensitive sites [2].

There was This is in contrast to portions of google maps where only low resolution photographs are available, or where atmospheric or photographic conditions resulted in reduced resolution or clarity.





Ramstein Air Force Base
, flight line area.

The Netherlands


  • Town of Sighet and surrounding area


North America

United States of America


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