Ailin' vomit!

Thinking quickly, Ronald disguised himself as a big Hollywood movie director, took a shorcut and headed off the Grimace at Filet-O-Fish Lake.

Here's this great piece on McDonald's ads. McDonalds is insidious and evil. This site tracks the ads that brainwashed little kids into thinking that dead cow and onions between disks of starch could only be better if washed down with sugar water and a side of grease fried tuber filaments. Oh, I dislike them. Between McDonald's and Walmart, the North American countryside has been decimated of its merchant biodiversity. Where before there was Pop's Hardware and Mom's Diner now there is only the megalo-Walmart and their little McDonald's franchise in the corner like a gorilla with a derringer.
Victoria, BC sports more than 12 McDonalds'! Why? Why? Via RealPolitik I've been following the McDonald's march of evil. They've run out of market share. In other words: everyone who wants a Big Muc, can get it whenever/wherever they want. That's why they've opened the Chipotle's chain. What gets me is why they haven't moved into retail-- supermarkets-- prepackage the burger and bun separate from the condiments. Freeze them and package them with something like four to a package. Pull out the burger, nuke it for 90 seconds; sloosh out the condiments and voila! Now you can double over in agony while in the comfort of your home!


Z├ęzette said…
I'd urge you to start calling McDonald's "Dirty Ron's", as we do here. It feels good.

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