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hellboy01 Here are a list of links for your enjoyment. PLEASE heed the NSFW (not safe for work) and NSFS (not safe for squeamish) warning: only the cemetaries are good for a work based viewing. Expect gore, grimaces of the dead and the odd naked person on a morgue slab:

Architecture: Of The Dead

After Life - This is one of the most beautiful collections of photography I have ever seen. Jonathan Clark spent several years photographing the seasons changing in England's Streatham Cemetery, and the results are breathtaking. In many cases, subtle animation and sounds are used to enhance the already captivating ambiance of these magical and melancholy pictures.
Angels In Filth - A great collection of black and white and color photographs of graveyard angel statues.
Beneath Los Angeles - How thoughtful! Steve Goldstein walked around the cemeteries of L.A. and photographed the graves of the famous and infamous for our viewing pleasure. A cyber treat for the morbidly inclined.
Cemetery Listings - From Dark Necropolis comes this small but engaging collection of travelogues to cemeteries in the Massachusetts and Rhode Island areas.
Cemetery Monuments - A nice collection of photos of some of the choicest cemetery monuments in the country. It's not laid out in any geographic order and it isn't annotated, but the photographs are lovely all the same.
Cemetery Photo Gallery - A revolving gallery of lovely photographs from some of the world's finest cemeteries, archived monthly. It's the next best thing to being there!
City of the Silent - The quintessential cemetery site on the web. Be sure to check out the collection of unique epitaphs.
Cold Marble - The cemeteries of Baltimore.

Biology: Mutants and Bugs

A Social History Of Conjoined Twins - This sight is more odd and fascinating than dark or gruesome, but it is rather morbid to read about the deaths of conjoined twins. Imagine awakening in the middle of the night to find that your "other half" has died... and knowing that death will soon come to claim you too. Very interesting case studies of siamese twinhood.
Forensic Entomology - Case studies of insect-aided forensics investigations. A bit squeamish and entomologists themselves may have trouble accepting the fact that some insects would much rather see us dead. Thought-provoking, to be certain.
Forensic Pathology - Cue The Who: a collection of forensic pathology clinical photos - both gross and microscopic - with nice scientific explanations of the facts behind the carnage.
Gross Specimens - A wonderful collection of fetuses in jars and the like, which includes panoramic video of one of the more disturbing fetuses. If you don't like being scared for real: this is available

Criminology: Bad things can happen to bad people

Crime Life - An amazing site chock full of the most despicable and disgusting the web has to offer. The photo gallery is comprehensive, the content exhaustive.
Crime Magazine: An Encyclopedia Of Crime - A wonderful site full of articles, trivia, gore and more!
ID-Wanted.Org - A fascinating site dedicated to help law enforcement find missing or unidentified bodies. Contains some graphic post-mortem shots of unidentified victims.
Mexico - The Dark Side - Photographs of the Museo de las Momias, various Mexican cemeteries, and the always-nifty Day Of The Dead celebrations. Gosh, it's enough to make me want to visit Mexico!
The Smoking Gun: Archive - A collection of images including decades-old crime photos, mug shots, JKF assassination pics, and war casualty images during World War II. Gripping stuff, of course.
The Crime Library - A collection of articles about your favorite infamous individuals.
Crime Magazine: An Encyclopedia Of Crime - Before there were wikis, there were encyclopedias.
Dead Man Eating - The Texas Department of Criminal Justice lists what condemned people eat. For me, I'd pack the cannon real good.
Internet Crime Archives - A very complex and colorful site chock full of info o' serial killers.
Jack The Ripper - This is another excellent Jack site - and one that allows you to actually talk to the killer. Very clever. Of course, for me, From Hell is the best product of Jack The Ripper Lore.
Texas Department Of Criminal Justice Statistics - You can also keep tabs on the upcoming executions. Don't miss an important state sponsored homicide.
ZodiacKiller.Com - A fascinating website detailing one of the most fascinating of unsolved murder sprees. Wasn't me, honest.
Law Enforcement In The Past - My sister spells it "torcher." More pictures and illustrations of those ever-wicked medieval torture devices. What sad, sick times they were!

Death: It's better than UPN

Case Index - University of Pittsburgh - Patient case studies - some of which end in death and include forensic pathology images - courtesy the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Department of Pathology.
Celebrity Morgue - View the rotting remains of such former denizens of high society as Marilyn Monroe, Tupac, JFK, Ted Bundy, and my personal favorite, Edgar Allan Poe.

Doh!ology: The Science of Getting It Wrong

The Darwin Awards - Never have so many done so much wrong.
Amusement Ride Accident Reports and News - No wonder Walt Disney's head was preserved: it was the only part the workers could extract from the Mickey Mauler!
Bus Plunge! - This is what I think is likely for EVERY bus ride.

History: Profound and Still Scary

African-American Holocaust - An incredibly powerful and disturbing set of images conveying the horror racism. Many too much for this trivial post, but it's important to note.
Censored Pictures of The Great War - The governments censored photographs of World War I, If people knew that they sent their children to die on barbed wire or choke on mustard gas, it might spark something like the Russian revolution. This is a collection of French photographs that were not destroyed, so we can see the gory realities of war for ourselves.
The Mad Monarchs Series - An excellent collection of the most deranged monarchs to ever rule. This site hasn't been updated, so it doesn't include Dubya.
Memento Mori: Death And Photography In 19th Century America - A thought-provoking essay into the history of the popular 19th century
art of funerary photography, loaded with numerous sad images. Were people so amazed that they could take a photograph that they did?
The Nanjing Massacre - A friend's family lived through the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong. They won't buy anything Made In Japan. Here's why: a chronicle of one of the worst atrocities in history - the Nanjing Massacre of late 1937/early 1938. In several months: 300,000 unarmed Chinese civilians were ruthlessly murdered by the Japanese army.
The Official Donnelly Homepage - In case you think a) Canada doesn't have serial killings; or b) they've only started happening in the last 40 years. A site dedicated to preserving the history of the Donnellys - a Canadian family who suffered a massacre of five family members in 1880.
The Peshtigo Fire - Before Katrina, the Peshtigo Fire of October 8, 1871 was the worst natural disaster in America: it killed at least 1200 people. Did I mention that Bush is great at making history: worst disaster; biggest loss of civilians through enemy attacks; most violations of the Geneva convention since WWII Germany; he's going to throw a nuke in 2006 to mark the 50th anniversary of Hiroshima.
The Triangle Factory Fire - A fascinating site about the horrible tragedy of the Triangle Factory Fire - where over one hundred women perished in 1911. The march of commerce continued
War Against War!- After World War I, German pacifist Ernst Friedrich began a crusade to end war by showcasing the horrible mutilations and tragic deformities which had befallen many of the German soldiers. Combine Victorian era science, medicine and warfare to make images as disturbing today as they were then.

Theology: Witches and Christians Don't Mix

The Witching Hours - A beautiful site which discusses the abundant historical atrocities of the Witch Hunting era. Be sure to check out "Punishment, Torture and Ordeal" for a truly frightening experience!
Tortures And Torments Of The Christian Martyrs - Boy, those early Christians were sure picked on, weren't they? And such imaginative methods of torture! Human ingenuity never ceases to amaze me. View engravings of each of the various torture methods at this fascinating site.


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