Grow A Pair

With the BCTF walkout into it's first week I have heard that their walkout will last a couple more weeks and that the general strike card has yet to be played. This is all about the unions vs. the government. The unions are weak because they so much better at supporing other unions than they are at supporting their own. If they wanted to bring the government to its knees, they would carry out a focussed strike: one bent on causing the most harm to government. They have to understand that if they're up against a government elected by the people, the people are targets. If they weren't the targets, unions wouldn't strike and withhold services that people use to generate revenue for their businesses. The tepid actions of unions in the last several years is part of this passive-agressive mindset that people use to assuage their guilt or hide an iron fist in a velvet glove. In war, if you bomb a factory and a nursery the latter is called collateral damage. Trust me: everyone in that nursery is in consensus with what really happened. The goal of the unions is to hurt so many people that they generate a public backlash and force the people in government to listen and give in. That's the intent: to hurt people. It's time that unions grew a pair and do what they're setting out to accomplish. The sooner they can strike a critical blow, the sooner this can be over for everyone. Here's how:

Courthouse Strike: First off: picket the courthouses. This will not directly stop the judges, but it may stop their clerks, the baliffs and the support staff. Without support, judges will not set foot in a courthouse. That curtails their ability to render judgements based on labour actions.

Revenue Strike: Picket liquor stores. It's not their largest source of revenue, bu it is noticeable. More than, target the distribution centres. Who cares if the liquor stores are open if they don't have liquor to sell. Target the tax collection offices. If you picket them, they can't collect revenue or enforce the legislation. While you're at it: picket the pay boxes at provincial parks.

Transit Strike: Don't block the gates and keep the drivers out. Block certain routes where the demographic is wealthier-- where the demographic is a more likely to include an MLA. In Victoria, allow the Quadra-Esquimalt to continue its route past drug addicts and riff-raff; but block the Uplands bus. MLAs don't take the bus, but they do enjoy road that are not clogged with their well-heeled brethern.

Private Sector Strike: Nail some of the key private sector unions and urge them to join a walkout. That's what solidarity would actually mean.

Park At Right Angles: Just as simple as that. It is illegal for you to park more than 30cm from the curb. It is illegal for someone to hit your car-- even if it's parked akimbo. Drive up to a spot and pull in perpendicular to the curb so that the back of your vehicle blocks the curb lane. Do it on every street-- blocking out one lane in some cases; all lanes in others. This has nothing to do with a picket but it will frustrate the people who elected the government that the unions are try to fight. For the bonus round: block the front gates of the tow truck companies that would impound offending parkers. I guarantee you that they will impound those vehicles well before they handle what the City asks them to do. At the end of the day, the people who put in the government in office are frustrated and annoyed.

Workers Unplugged: I challenge you to show me the clause in any contract or employment agreement that says that a) a worker's phone must be plugged into a wall socket; b) a worker's computer must be attached to a network. Draw a day's pay, do a day's work. Come into work, pop under the desk, unplug the phone cable then the network cable --*


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