Put it to a Vote, You Cowardly Bastards

It looks like Jim Sinclair's BC Federation of Labour has come out from a 1000 day slumber. They are organizing a day of action for Monday. What form of does it take? Who knows. Will there be a strike of the transit system, the steelworkers, the brotherhood of dog walkers? Who knows.
Do you know what I do know? According to Canada.com:
Sinclair repeated his offer to call off Monday's day of protest if the province agreed to talk with the teachers it has ordered back to work after imposing a two-year contract with no wage increases.
Thanks, Jim. Get all of the unions organized. Get everyone making alternate plans and then pull the plug. This harkens to back to the 1983 when the leader of the BCGEU of the time made an 11th hour deal with the BC Government, hours before the BCGEU would have to pay their own membership strike pay.
Maybe this is a case of two wrongs making a right. Most of the people participating in Monday's day of action will be out of work despite the fact that they are current working under a contract. After all this hew and cry over how the BC "Liberals" (the National Socialist Party name was taken) tear up contracts, the unions in BC are doing just that. People have said that unions are styming the will of our elected government. Maybe, but what's worse: I don't think there's a single case of a union (apart from the BCTF-- where 60% of them voted; and 90% of that 60% voted to strike), who have voted to get involved in tomorrow's march on the legislature. If the membership is angry and resolute, why don't the unions put this day of action to a vote? It seems like they don't like butting up against BC's representative government. It looks like they also don't like the idea of their membership weighing in on this. Since before Columbine, we've known that bullying doesn't bring about a positive outcome.
Before you breach the contracts that your memberships agreed to, union leader X, put it a vote. See if they agree with you. And if they do not, don't shout them down. They aren't your followers; they're your boss. They pay for you to carry out their will. Stopping ripping them off. That's the government's job.


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