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I have a big problem with 24: Keifer should spend time stuff in traffic, or stuck on the phone talking to Sprint customer service. With that said, here's an episode of my personal 24:

08:00-15:55 - Frantically working on code to get a project out this weekend.

16:05-16:06 - Driving up Johnson Street past the replacement for the Open Door I look over to see three people rolling around on the sidewalk duking it out. Ah... People's fears for the soup kitchen's relocation were obviously unfounded. After the media did a spate of feel good pieces about the place, they've retreated to the safety of their newsrooms.

17:00-18:30 - Dinner and family sundries. The president called to say that I had to diffuse a nuclear tipped orca that beached down by the walkway near our house (see: that's my 24 moment :) ).

18:30 - 21:00 - More code and toil.

23:30-06:30 - Doing My Shelly Winters impersonation in the comfort of my bed.

06:31-07:30 - Watching our local A-Channel news in Victoria. The Victoria Salmon Kings ditched their coach. Could his attitude be to blame? He was quoting as saying of his players, "They're professionals. They don't need to be told what do to." What? Hey, idiot. If a coach doesn't tell the players what to do, all they are is a creepy old guy watching athletes shower. Good riddance.
Another piece about a movie made about pig farmer/murderer Willie Pickton. They spoke with a relative of an "alleged victim" ??? Alleged? So, if the trial goes poorly the dead woman in question isn't dead? Isn't a victim? Take the "alleged" out of your most-used-words list, reporters. Unfortunately, she's still dead regardless of the legal proceedings.

07:31-07:59 - Tweaking out an anti-Digg rant. (Go ahead and Digg it: that would be ironic). Typing this blog entry like a doofus.

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Tim said…
Hey, those people you saw fighting outside the Open Door could have been patrons of the bridal boutique. :)

Actually, I suspect one of the reasons the press has been so slack on the situation there is because the media, were they to report that the problematic visitors of the OD have indeed been unable or unwilling to keep their antics under control, would be hit with numerous restraint of trade lawsuits from the affected businesses. They have intimated as much in some of the news pieces I read about the move. Nothing like unreasonable fears to intensify reasonable ones.

As for the Picton thing, the continual incompetence of the media in matters of legal doctrine and concepts makes for yet another reason why I don't own a TV. Note to mediapersons: Someone is a suspect until they are charged, at which point they become the accused. "Alleged victims" is (as Mike points out) rather silly, and not very informative. They are actual victims, but the accused has yet been convicted. Somebody murdered those women -- there is no controversy there -- the only question is to whether this will be proved in court.

Incidentally, the only place where a person is entitled to treatment as innocent until proved guilty is the courtroom. Even so, it would be smartest for reporters to avoid making declamations on Picton's guilt, and focus on the circumstances of the victim's death. There is the risk of trial by media -- and it is definitely a risk because the media is wholly uninterested in factual analysis.

Not that there appears to be much in the way of exonerating evidence in his part...

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