I dislike Paris Hilton. Here's Two Other Reasons

Exhibit A : Paris Hilton's publicists are trying to silence a Hawaiian taxi driver who claims the socialite urinated in his cab. Harden Jamison tells the National Enquirer the hotel heiress was too drunk to notice that she pissed on herself when he picked her and boyfriend Stavros Niarchos up after a party in Maui. The understandably disgusted cab driver claimes he mopped up the mess with a towel and plans to use Hilton's own DNA as evidence against her.

Exhibit B : When asked if she knew the last name of a companion on the night in question: "It is like a weird Greek name. Like Douglas." Later Paris explained she often has trouble with names: "I meet so many people. I don't even know some of my friends' names."

Hilton was asked if she knew that the slanderous article had been republished in various newspapers. Hilton had this exchange with attornies:
Paul Berra
- "Were there U.K. publications?"
Paris Hilton
- "No... there is stuff in London."
Larry Stein - "London is a U.K. publication."
Paris Hilton - "Right. U.K. Whatever."

Paris Hilton is a piece of work. A stupid, cab-fouling, porn-making, heiress, skank. With a yappie dog.

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Falcona said…
Sorry to say this Mike, but Paris dumped her fashion accesory pooch. This has sparked a new fashion accesory. This is realy just one more reason to dislike the bimbo of Buckley.

Don McCaskill
Cheryl said…
She also had to give up her pet monkey (the one that attacked her while she was trying to shop for more skeevy lingere) and apparently she was forced to return a baby kangaroo she also wanted as a pet.
Tim said…
Oh, I don't know -- she's actually pretty valuable in one respect: she serves as an excellent counterfactual to the claims by elitists that their money and privilege is deserved or earned in some meaningful way.

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