Wow! Was I Wrong!

A couple of weeks ago, I made a prediction:

Liberals                115
Conservatives 96
Bloc Quebecois 76
NDP 17
Green Party 0
Independant 2

Total seats: 306

Here's what it looks like (as of this moment):

Conservatives 125
Liberals 102
Bloc Quebecois 51
NDP 29
Green Party 0
Independant 1

Total seats: 308
Where did I go wrong? I figured that the Liberals would have done better at fear-mongering. Well, Paul Martin was an excellent finance minister and a lousy, bumbling Prime Minister and a lousy leader going into a national campaign. Steve Harper's handlers hid him from the light scrutiny. Jack Layton successfully played the "hold your nose and vote" game. The Greens did as well as expected. The Bloc-- the Bloc didn't have a message. Gilles Duceppe said he wouldn't reopen the gay marriage bill but would reopen the separation question: does that make him a sympathic liberal or hypocrite? Either way, what he was selling not a lot of people were buying.

So we're doomed to another minority government. This Conservative government will find all of the Liberal skeletons, make scandals of their own, implode, then we'll be at the polls. My guess: April 2nd 2007 (sorry April 1st is a Sunday but we're fools already for having electing this lot).

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