Mexico Bars Canadian over U.S. No-Fly List

This from Rogers Cadenhead, The Star and Missasauga News:

American fighter jets intercepted a Air Transat plane flying from Toronto to Ixtapa, Mexico, on Thursday because a passenger appears on the U.S. no-fly list. Now, the US is intercepting planes going from anywhere to anywhere if they can get to them.

Canadian citizen Sami Kahil, 38, was denied entry to Mexico and detained one night in jail, then sent home in the company of Royal Canadian Mounted Police:

U.S. fighter jets shadowed Kahil's flight after American officials declared the plane was not cleared to travel over the U.S. with Kahil on board.

While his wife and sons were sent home on the next flight to Toronto, Kahil was told he could not board the flight because U.S. authorities would not let him fly over U.S. airspace.

Kahil, a shoe store owner in Ontario, was vacationing with his wife and two young sons. He has not been charged with any crime related to the incident.

During the flight to Mexico, which did not have a layover in the U.S., the pilot informed the passengers:

Kahil, who was taking his family on a sun vacation to celebrate his 10th wedding anniversary, said his flight was approaching Ixtapa when the pilot announced over a loudspeaker that "they had two people who are not allowed to fly over American airspace.

"You should have seen the faces of the passengers," said Kahil.

NORAD monitored the flight and it was accompanied by either F-15s or F-16s, according to the Toronto Star.

The Washington Post reported in April that the U.S. was considering a measure to demand passenger lists and enforce no-fly rules of all foreign flights that pass through U.S. airspace. This would affect as many as 1,000 international flights and 3,000 domestic flights each week in Canada, because domestic routes often pass over the U.S..

With Paul Martin and Steven Harper being so punch drunk, they won't touch this issue but they need to. We need Canada's Prime Minister protect Canada and not bend over. Steven Harper is eagerly lubed up and Paul Martin could certainly describe the joys of a new leaning towards America. The US has been worming its way into Canadian affairs for decades. It's moved from being annoying to being overbearing and ever present.

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Cheryl said…
This just makes me so snarly.... I can't even think of a coherent argument.
Vince Williams said…
The administration of the imperial George of the United States has delusions of grandeur.

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