The Commissionaires Pedestrian Target Practice

Service? · Reliability? · Integrity?

Tonight, I was waiting for my wife to get off of the bus. She had to cross the street at the intersection. So she crosses with the walk signal at the crosswalk. Vroom! An idiot in a Commissionaires car (BC License# 508 AAN - Car #38) almost wipes out my wife. Where was he going? He was on his way to something VERY important. He parks a half block later at the Harris Green London Drugs and goes into the store. Where does he park? He parks in the handicapped spot. So after nearly making a cripple out of my wife; he takes up the spot of another crippled person in front of a drug store.
So, I phone the number on his car (250-727-7755). When I called the duty manager to complain; he got all indignant and said he wasn't going to do anything if I didn't give him my name and personal details. I told him that I would give this information to the police in a report and if they saw fit, they could relate it to him.

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