Ashlee Simpson: Talentless Wench

Ashless Simpson is the lessor of the Simpson sisters. Not, that Jessica Simpson is a rocket scientist: she couldn't even spell "rocket." It's just when you compare talentless, stupid and ugly vs. talentless, stupid and chesty: the latter wins out. Last year Ashlee Simpson was caught lip syncing on Saturday Night Live and proceeded to blame everyone. This week she was caught on camera at a Toronto McDonald's having a drunken tantrum. Sad, annoying: you be the judge. Maybe she wasn't: she could have lip synced the tirade over a Quarter Pounder w/Cheese.


Tim said…
I don't know -- she seems pretty talented at being absolutely and stunningly unexceptional. I mean, there were probably thousands of drunk young women acting out all over the T.O. area that didn't get filmed being obnoxious. Clearly the only thing that makes one exceptional these days is if information brokers declare you as such.

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