Sarah Needs Help

I am part of a number of Ask-A-Question-Get-An-Answer groups. Most notably: Google Answers. I also signed up for and for about a year, nothing. Now, finally, I've got a request for information. This is a new spin on the Nigerian 419 letters:

Client's Target Fee: negotiable

From: LadySarah Date: 11/22/2005 1:22:43 PM

From Sarah Johnson
Tel: +225-0717-3084
Dear One,
I Come across your profile and have Decided to get in touch with you after the prayer,to see if you can help me solve my problem.
My name is Sarah Johnson,The Daughter of (Late Chief Adam Johnson) Who lost his life in the course of the crisis here in Cote D'ivoire on the 7th of November last year on his way to their company ( Nestle Food Plc) . My father willed in cash, the sum of $8.7 Million US Dollars which he deposited in a Fixed/Suspence account here in Abidjan Cote D'ivoire in west Africa, with enabling conditions for the release of the fund which are as follows:
(1) That I must be 22 years or above.
(2) That upon request for the release of the fund, there must be evidence of investment intentions especially outside the west africa,
I contact you therefore to confirm if you can absorb me in partnership in your company or
possibly advise me on any investment opportunity in your country. When I reach agreement with you, the bank will release my fund into an account that you shall nominate and I will come over to you to commence business partnership with you and the fund.
I expect your urgent response/call through my private mail box:
including your addresses, your telephone and fax number.
Thanks for expected cooperation.
My regards,
Sarah Johnson

So, I have replied and for just $20 I will take her banking information and attempt to render aid. :) Sometimes the phisherman can be yanked overboard.


Cheryl said…
wow. that is an interesting variant. gotta wonder how many s/he has to send out before someone bites and sends "address, phone and fax numbers" to their yahoo account.
Tim said…
So, what are you going to do with all that money, man?
ItsTJoint said…
Watch out, there is a similar email going around that has caused some very fraudulent actions to take place.
Mike DeWolfe said…
$8.50M on pixie sticks. I plan on filling them Memorial arena with them and then fire about 800 gallons of water on them.
$0.19M on fashionable cargo pants in all imaginable colors. I think if I have enough pairs, people will like me. I should be able to get about 2,700 pair. Now that's pants!
$0.01M on Christmas presents for people I do not know. (mainly 30inch jeans for very fat people-- just to make them more depressed over the holiday season).
Mike DeWolfe said…
esq: what blows me away is that they've moved from email spams to making pleas masked as Expert opinions. I'm surprised there aren't a lot of these peppered through blog comments.
Hey... that gives me an idea...

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