Handle The Fries... and Get Naked

This is more than lurid. This is a scary intersection of the stupidity of McDonald's staff and management; and predatory people. Callers are calling McDonald's in the US, impersonating police and convincing supervisors to strip search female employees. There have been over 70 cases and a number of cases include sexual abuse.
Wow. How can you be so stupid that you would get naked on demand? How could you believe that part of strip search could include a sex act? But then, these are people who are willing to work at McDonald's.
Video footage.


Tim said…
The story has the explanation at the end: people who work in highly structured environments, especially those with socialized subordination, don't know what to do when they're asked to act on their own initiative.

What amazed me was that the supervisor would agree to taking direction from the police over the telephone. There are so many points in this situation where people simply caved to the idea of authority, it had been so successfully internalized. Foucault would have loved this story.

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