Google Base Is On The Air

Move over Wikipedia, eBay, uh... everything else. Google Base has released its beta and I've drunk the kool-aid. What can you post on there? Almost anything and everything from classified ads to recipes to rants and raves.


Tim said…
Wow. You expire in 31 days. Time to max out those credit cards!

This looks like an attempt at monopoly. Which I don't like, on principle. However, let's see if it fills up with cool stuff -- in whcih case I'll probably abandon my ideals.
Cheryl said…
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Mike DeWolfe said…
Monopoly: yes.
Cool: yes.
Rarified: yes.
I get the feeling that some time in 2007, someone at the Googleplex will go over to a big lever (like those on ships) that's set to "Good". He'll crank it back to "Evil"
Droids will come out from walls and start to subjudgate mankind.
In other news, I need to refill my prescription...

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