Quickie Candidate Survey

In 1999, a friend of mine gave me a quicky rundown of the candidates running in the Victoria Civic election. In 2002, hoodlum and rent-a-protestor, Ben Isitt (pronounced EEEE-sit; or pronounced Chucklehead) was a contender of Alan Lowe's job. In 2005, Ben Issitt is again gunning for Alan Lowe's job.

Here's my quickie survey of the select candidates:
Alan Lowe - The autopilot vote. He went to the trouble of reading from his phrasebook. You should go the trouble of voting for him.
Ben Isitt - The Anti-Alan Lowe vote.
Gregroy Hartnell - The Anti-Ben Isitt vote. Comes with munchies and a lava lamp.
Pam Smarden - She's been a fringe candidate who decided to lose a more noteworthy election.
Georgia Jones - Just Visiting Earth

Dean Fortin - Media whores need a case of the clap
Rose Henry - Poor and needy can be a career option. Wow.
Helen Hughes - The candidate of choice for the 19th, 20th and 21st century.
Philippe Lucas - Dude, where's my ballot?
Pam Madoff - She's a walking chandelier-- or a jewel encrusted hill.
Denis F. Oliver - Vote for him or he'll surf for porn on your computer.
Charlayne Thorton-Joe - I'm hoping her kids marry hyphenated people so that one day there could be a little Jo-Jo Thorton-Joe-Throarwarbler-Mango on council in 2042.
Geoff Young - Endorsed by Paul Harvey. For now you know the rest of the story...


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