Electrocutions "R" Us

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What's more important? The stupid music playing out of a Fisher Price display stand or keeping children safe from electrocution? At Toys R Us in Victoria's Mayfair Mall, the answer is clear. Shocky Shocky.


Cheryl said…
What got to me was the reaction from the staffer I saw and told. The blank look and the "but that's the way they are" response.... spoke volumes.
Mike DeWolfe said…
Like I said the stunned idiot clerk:
He won't get sued.
We won't get sued.

What zombieboy failed to figure out: lots of lawsuits kill the store's bottom line. That decides staffing levels. A beancounter back East won't see that they lost $400K, then look at their insurance settlements and say, "ah, that can be forgiven." Instead, they will call this location a losing store and clip its staff coverage.

No? Ask the Zellers staff at 3986 Shelbourne. Or the Zellers staff at CanWest mall. Or Eaton's staff.

Stupid staff sink retail stores.

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