Star Trek Legacy: Shatner's Take On The New Game

The Star Trek Legacy has my curiosity piqued. I've found that most of the games from the franchise are duds, technically: buggy, limited and made for the outmoded PC you just sold. Well, what does the Shat say about this new game voiced by him and the four other captains? Let's just say he plays a better captain than he.. er, plays a better captain.


Tim said…
Jesus. It looks like maybe this wasn't very much fun at all. I know that I could barely sit through that clip, so if that was one of the highlights, I think I would probably have been out in the lobby or something. Maybe finding some takeaway containers to put food stolen from the buffet.

And... Wm. Shatner is looking not so good these days, huh?
Mike DeWolfe said…
He looks 75 and this piece was the highlight. Again, let me remind people: this is where their tax dollars are going.
Every deindexed welfare recipient can rest assured that Oak Bay and West Van and Lonsdale neighbourhoods are enjoying the Liberals' priorities.
Tim said…
Well, you know, this invites investment in BC, and helps highlight the robust technology sector, and yadda yadda yadda. Encouraging economic development in this way helps even the most disadvantaged British Columbians, since the dumpsters have greater quantities of quality food in them after events like this. Dumpster dividends, if you like.

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