This Just In: President Harding Has Been Killed By Vampires

The FVZA is a little known government department that tracks historical cases of zombie and vampire attacks. It also works to counter current VZ (Vampire-Zombie) incursions. For those with the stomachs for it, they can enroll in the virtual academy.
If you like the paranormal enough but are still able to scoff at it, you may like this site full of tongue-in-cheek news about zombies, vampires and the paranormal goings on around the world. Kind of X-Files light.
Oh and if you want the "official story" about William G. Harding: here it is. Oddly enough, the press referred to Harding as "Gee" in all of the newspapers. This led to calling George W. Bush, "Dubya" Also, the "Gee" stuck from its inception in the 1920s and by present day, "Gee" has come to mean, "man in charge" "leader" and "president" (hence, "What up G?"). That's why FBI agents were also known as G-Men-- they were Warren G. Harding's men. And you here you thought Harding was a foot note in US History. How history could have played out if it weren't for a vampire attack on the highest office in America.


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