What You Talkin' Bout: Creepy Gateway To Creepier Material

So, I am watching this Made-To-TV movie about the trials of the Diff'rent Strokes cast (not the be confused with Different Strokes). There are interludes to the surviving cast members to add a dimension. This movie is cast in the vein of the Three's Company TV movie; and the Charlie's Angels TV movie. Maybe it's something about shows with apostrophes in the title. Lots of schlock, callous studio executives and greedy actors wanting more of the pie. Blah, blah, blah. I decided to go out and look for links to juicy crap about Dana Plato and Tood Bridges. They spell out in the movie that the two had a relationship-- why not? It was the 1970s, they were teenagers spending 18 hrs./day x 6 days/week together.
That search got me to this site, called, "Minor Consideration" about child actors and exploitation. A few links down the TOC is a link to an article called, "The "Rape" of Dakota Fanning." I thought that's the next creepy destination: a piece on the shooting of the movie, "Hound Dog" [2] going too far. Ew. That's all I have to say. Ew. Why does Hollywood like to walk the fine line of pedophilia? It feels like its the tip of a creepy iceberg. So do they truck out Brooke Shields on a platter on film then the producers cull the dives of LA for 11 year old prostitutes because that's what gets them going.

Oh, and if you think fondly of Gary Coleman: thing again. Remember, Gary Coleman is Gary Coleman... but Gary Cole will always be one of The Men.


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