William Shatner at the award Show #1

We came back from the CAEAA Awards show. The host was William Shatner. We got to meet him for but a moment. Expect a much longer blog post on the experience later.
If you want a visceral and honest account of the "award" "show", follow this link. For me, I'm not going to wax negative. I ate 14 oz. of lox; that smoked excelllence mutes my annoyances with the process.
I will say this, however: I would love to find out how some people can weasel cash out of the Province of BC. Not to stem the gush of cash-- but to put my bucket under the outflow. Some of the reviewers of the event has used the terms "circle jerk" and "sham" (with accuracy I might add). The Province chipped in a huge amount of cash to book a room; fly in William Shatner (Check his website for his list of appearances. This event doesn't appear); have an open bar before the event and an open bar after the event. It was enough to make even Marie Antoinette blush. We sucked down $100 of goodies as did 100 or more people. I think the welfare rolls haven't shortened-- the cheques are just delivered to the better parts of town.

If you want my take on William Shatner and his lifetime brush with fame, click here. If want to see you mine and Cheryl's take via Trekmovie, click here.


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