Sean Macleod: Child Molester

Do you live in Victoria?
Do you know where Sean Macleod works? Do you know where he is living?
If you don't you're in my boat right now. That needs to change. This criminal kidnapped a 6-yr old girl out of her bedroom and molested her. Now he's coming to our neighborhood. He's coming to your daughter's bedroom. Criminals learn from prison. Has he learned that a missing child may never get pinned on him but a rape victim could testify? Are you willing to roll the dice that isn't going to attack your children? I'm not.

If you know where he is living; or where he is working, leave a comment. I will verify it and approve the post, so that everyone can know where this dangerous criminal is lurking. Of course, if he chooses to leave the Capital Region (or Vancouver Island), he's out of our hair. By the same token, if he goes back in prison, that would be fine. If he decided that his life was not worth living, I would not argue the point.

More on what this criminal, molester and child rapist did: click here


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