A big list of SF ebooks-- for the geeks in all of you

Here is a BIG list of SF ebooks available from Project Gutenberg:

Abbott, Edwin Abbott 1838-1926

Links for Edwin Abbot Abbot: Wikipedia ISFDB

Anderson, Poul William 1926-2001

Links for Poul William Anderson: Wikipedia ISFDB

Archer, Lee

Arnold, Edwin Lester Linden 1857-1935

Links for Edwin Lester Linden Arnold: Wikipedia ISFDB

Arthur, Robert 1909-1969

Links for Robert Jay Arthur: Wikipedia ISFDB

Astor, John Jacob 1864-1912

Links for John Jacob Astor: Wikipedia ISFDB

This is really the billionaire Astor who died aboard the Titanic.

Baily, Peter

Links for Peter Baily: ISFDB

Banta, Frank

Links for Frank Banta: ISFDB

Beck, C.C.

Links for C.C. Beck: ISFDB

Bellamy, Edward 1850-1898

Links for Edward Bellamy: Wikipedia ISFDB

Benoit, Pierre

Links for Pierre Benoit: Wikipedia ISFDB

Blish, James 1921-1975

Links for James Blish: Wikipedia ISFDB

Bloch, Robert 1917-1994

Links for Robert Bloch: Wikipedia ISFDB

Bone, Jesse F. (Jesse Franklin) 1916-1986

Links for Jesse F. Bone: ISFDB

Brackett, Leigh Douglass 1915-1978

Links for Leigh Brackett: Wikipedia ISFDB

Bradley, Marion Zimmer 1930-1999

Links for Marion Zimmer Bradley: Wikipedia ISFDB

  • The Colors of Space (English)
    This is a fun and fairly well-written short novel. It's not without a few minor clunkers -- including one or two examples of my pet peeve, background/exposition couched in unnatural-sounding dialogue -- and is no doubt wildly different in tone from Zimmer Bradley's later work. Still, the tale of young Bart Steele among the mysterious Lhari is creative enough, and humanistic (as it were!) enough, to elevate this above the usual space opera fare. Thegoldenband 12:43, 12 May 2007 (EDT)
  • The Door Through Space (English)
    This story mentions larger political struggles occuring between humans and non-humans in this far distant future, but at the same time, largely glosses over these struggles and the inherent differences and conflicts between the races that cause it. Instead, the author is more concerned with the idea of friendship, honor, love and hatred between individuals. The main character, Race, and his brother-in-law, were once as close as brothers, but that ended six years ago in a fight that left both men scarred. After Race's sister asks for his help in saving her daughter, Race must confront that hatred while on a quest that ultimately leads to great discoveries ... both for himself and for the entire planet. JHutch 9 January 2008

Brown, Fredric 1906-1972

Links for Fredric Brown: Wikipedia ISFDB

Buckner, Bradner

Budrys, Algis 1931-2008

Links for Algis Budrys: Wikipedia ISFDB

Burroughs, Edgar Rice 1875-1950

Links for Edgar Rice Burroughs: Wikipedia ISFDB

Barsoom series

Pellucidar series

Caspak series

other SF

Butler, Ellis Parker

Campbell, John W. (Wood) 1910-1971

Links for John W. Campbell: Wikipedia ISFDB

Arcot, Morey and Wade series

in series order

Čapek, Karel 1890-1938

Links for Karel Čapek: Wikipedia ISFDB

Capps, Carroll M. 1913-1971

Carleton, H. B.

Carr, Terry Gene 1937-1987

Links for Terry Gene Carr: Wikipedia

Castle, Arnold

Chase, Adam pseudonym of Stephen Marlowe

Clifton, Mark Irvin 1906-1963

Clinton, E. M. 1926-

Cocking, Ron

Cole, Everett B. 1910-1977

Collins, Les

Cooper, Michael D. [pseud.]

Links for Michael D. Cooper: ISFDB official Starman series website

The Starman series

Coppel, Alfred 1921-2004

Carroll, William

Cory, John

Cox, Irving 1917-2001

Cox, James A.

Cummings, Ray 1887-1957

Links for Ray Cummings: Wikipedia ISFDB

DeKy, Thornton

Dee, Roger (Aycock, Roger D.) 1914-2004

Del Rey, Lester 1915-1993

Links for Lester Del Rey: Wikipedia ISFDB

Derreaux, Gaston

De Vet, Charles V. (Charles Vincent) 1911-1997

Doctorow, Cory

Links for Cory Doctorow: Wikipedia ISFDB

  • Craphound (English)
  • Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom (English)
    The future world Doctorow has created has eliminated death and poverty. Instead of money, you have "Whuffie", which is how much respect you have from your peers. Do something others like, you get more "Whuffie". Do something poorly, you lose "Whuffie". And in this future world, Disney World is not run by the Walt Disney Corporation, but rather by regular citizens who form "ad-hoc" groups to run various parts of the Magic Kingdom. Doctorow manages to examine everything from the meaning of life (without death) to love, friendship and how society can and should function from personal levels to large group levels. At the same time, the story at the heart of this examination is interesting and well worth the read. JHutch 14 January 2008
  • Eastern Standard Tribe (English)
  • Home Again, Home Again (English)
  • A Place so Foreign (English)
  • Printcrime (English)
  • Return to Pleasure Island (English)
  • Shadow of the Mothaship (English)
  • Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town (English)
  • Super Man and the Bug Out (English)
    Take the Superman character we all know and love. Put him into a story that is outside the standard canon of stories. DC comics has been doing this for years with great success. Cory Doctorow does the same thing with this short story about "The Superman". The hook is that instead of crashing his spaceship in Kansas and being raised by salt-of-the-earth-God-fearing farmers, Kal-el crashes near Toronto, Canada and is raised by a Jewish couple. Instead of Clark Kent, we get Hershie Ambrowicz. A amusing and well told story that turns the Superman mythos in a new direction. JHutch 14 January 2008

Donovan, Francis

Dorman, Sonya 1924-2005

Douglas, Ellsworth

Douglas, Jack

Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir 1859-1930

Links for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Wikipedia ISFDB

Dunn, Jonathan

Dye, Charles 1927-1955

Links for Charles Dye: ISFDB

Edmondson, G.C. Edmondson, Garry C. 1922-1995

Egan, Jack

Ernst, Paul 1899-1985

Evans, E. Everett (Edward Everett) 1893-1958

Links for E. Everett Evans: ISFDB

Fahy, Patrick

Links for Patrick Fahy: ISFDB

Fairman, Paul W.

Links for Paul W. Fairman: Wikipedia ISFDB

Ferris, Benjamin

FitzPatrick, R. C.

Flagg, Francis pseud. Weiss, George Henry 1898-1946

Flint, Homer Eon 1892-1924

Links for Homer Eon Flint: Wikipedia ISFDB

Fontenay, Charles Louis 1917-2007

Links for Charles Louis Fontenay: Wikipedia ISFDB

Fyfe, Horace Brown 1918-1997

Gallun, Raymond Zinke

Garrett, Gordon Randall 1927-1987

Links for Randall Garrett: Wikipedia ISFDB

"Queens Own FBI" series

Gimble, Stanley

Glad, Victoria

Goble, Lloyd Neil

Godwin, Tom 1915-1980

Goodwin, Harold Leland 1914-1990

Links for Harold Leland Wright Goodwin: Wikipedia ISFDB

Gordon, Nathaniel

Graham, Roger Phillips

Greenfield, Taylor H.

Griffith, George 1857-1906

Links for George Griffith: Wikipedia ISFDB

Grisewood, R. Norman

Gunn, James E. 1923-

Links for James E. Gunn: Wikipedia ISFDB

Hamilton, Edmond

Hall, Desmond Winter

Hansen, L. Taylor

Hardart, F.E.

Harmon, James Judson 1933-

Harness, Charles Leonard 1915-2005

Harrison, Harry 1925-

Links for Harry Harrison: Wikipedia ISFDB

Hasse, Henry

Hastings, Milo M. 1884-1957

Herbert, Frank Patrick 1920-1986

Huekels, Jack G.

Hyne, Charles John Cutcliffe Wright 1866-1944

Links for Charles John Cutcliffe Wright Hyne: Wikipedia ISFDB

Ing, Dean 1931-

Janifer, Laurence Mark 1931-2002

Links for Laurence Mark Janifer: Wikipedia ISFDB

"Queens Own FBI" series

Jarvis, E.K.

Jones, Neil Ronald 1915-1994

Jones, Raymond F. 1915-1994

Kallis, Stephen A.

Kastle, Herbert D. 1924-1987

Keeler, Harry Stephen

Keller, David Henry

Kenyon, Ernest M.

Knight, Damon Francis 1922-2002

Links for Damon Francis Knight: Wikipedia ISFDB

Kuykendall, Roger

Lande, Irving W.

Lane, Mary E. Bradley

Links for Mary E. Bradley Lane: ISFDB

Lang, Allen Kim 1928-

Lafferty, Raphael Aloysius 1914-2002

Laumer, John Keith 1925 - 1993

Links for John Keith Laumer: Wikipedia ISFDB

La Spina, Fanny Greye 1880-1969

Leadem, Christopher

Lee, William

Leftwich, Edmund H.

Leiber, Fritz Reuter 1910-1992

Links for Fritz Leiber: Wikipedia ISFDB

Leinster, Murray [pseud.], (Jenkins, William Fitzgerald), 1896-1975

Links for Murray Leinster: Wikipedia ISFDB

Lindsay, David 1876-1945

Links for David Lindsay: Wikipedia ISFDB

Locke, Robert Donald

Long, Frank Belknap 1903-1994

Lorne, Warner Van

Lowndes, Robert Augustine Ward 1916-1998

Maddren, Gerry

Marks, Winston K.

Marlowe, Stephen 1928-2008

Martin, Robert J.

Martino, Joseph P. 1931-

Mason, David 1924-1974

Mayfield, M. I.

McClatchie, Sam

McComas, Jesse Francis 1911-1978

Meek, Sterner St. Paul 1894-1972

Merliss, R.R.

Merritt, Abraham 1884-1943

Links for Abraham Merritt: Wikipedia ISFDB

Moldeven, Meyer

Mohler, Will

Moore, Ward 1903-1978

Morrison, William pseudonym of Joseph Samachson 1906-1980

Morrow, Lowell Howard

Munro, John 1849-1930

Links for John Munro: ISFDB

Neville, Kris Ottman 1925-1980

Noll, R. C.

Norton, Andre 1912-2005

Links for Andre Norton: Wikipedia ISFDB


Nourse, Alan E. 1928-1992

Links for Alan E. Nourse: Wikipedia ISFDB

Nowlan, Philip Francis

O'Keefe, John

Pangborn, Edgar

Peterson, Don

Piper, H. Beam 1904-1964

Links for H. Beam Piper: Wikipedia ISFDB

This list constitutes the complete work of Piper. Some of them are still in copyright.

Terro-Human Future History series

in Future History chronological order

  • The Edge of the Knife (English)
    Think of time as a continuous line and your perception of it as a the edge of a knife slicing between past and present. Now, imagine that you start to "remember" the future side of the knife as clearly and as often as the "past". JHutch 14 January 2008
  • Omnilingual (English)
    Egyptian hieroglyphics were unreadable until the Rosetta stone, with its parallel inscriptions in different languages, was unearthed. But on another world, what can the archaeologists use as a universal language key? An interesting and ingenious puzzle piece. Malcolm Farmer 11:31, 6 February 2007 (EST)
  • When in the Course-- (English) — still in copyright
  • Four-Day Planet (English)
    Four-Day Planet refers to the slow rotation time of the planet this story is set on. During one year, the planet rotates through four day/night cycles. However, this fact plays little role in the story. It is mostly about a popular uprising that deposes a tyrannical leader skimming the profits of the folks doing all the real work. JHutch 18 January 2008
  • Uller Uprising (English)
  • Ullr Uprising (English) — different versions
  • Naudsonce (English)
  • Little Fuzzy (English)
  • "The Other Human Race" later title "Fuzzy Sapiens" (English) — still in copyright
  • Fuzzies and Other People (English) — still in copyright
  • Oomphel in the Sky (English)
  • Graveyard of Dreams (English)
  • The Cosmic Computer (English) — expanded version of "Graveyard of Dreams" also titled "Junkyard Planet"
    A poor backward planet has only one thing going for it. It was the home of the main headquarters of the Terran military during a past war ... and when they left, they left all their extra stuff. It was more expensive to move the heavy equipment over interstellar distances than it was worth. And rumors tell of a "Cosmic Computer" so powerful that it could solve everyone's problems on this little backward planet ... if only they could find it. JHutch 18 January 2008
  • Space Viking (English)
  • A Slave is a Slave (English)
  • Ministry of Disturbance (English)
  • The Keeper (English)

Paratime series

other SF


Pohl, Frederik 1919-

Links for Frederik Pohl: Wikipedia ISFDB

Purdom, Thomas Edward 1936-

Raphael, Rick 1919-1994

Links for Rick Raphael: ISFDB

Reynolds, Mack [pseud.] Reynolds, Dallas McCord 1917-1983

Links for Mack Reynolds: Wikipedia ISFDB

Richardson, Robert Shirley 1902-1981

Rockwell, Carey [pseud.]

Links for Carey Rockwell: ISFDB

"Tom Corbett, Space Cadet" series

in series order

Rockwood, Roy

Links for Roy Rockwood: Wikipedia ISFDB

Sabia, Richard

Schmitz, James H 1911-1981

Links for James H. Schmitz: Wikipedia ISFDB Baen Books Free Library

Scott, Kevin

Serviss, Garrett P. (Garrett Putman) 1851-1929

Links for Garrett P. Serviss: Wikipedia ISFDB

Sevcik, Al

Sharkey, Jack Sharkey, John Michael

Shaw, Larry

Sheckley, Robert 1928-2005

Links for Robert Sheckley: Wikipedia ISFDB

Silverberg, Robert 1935-

Links for Robert Silverberg: Wikipedia ISFDB

Simak, Clifford Donald 1904-1988

Slesar, Henry

Smith, E. E. (Edward Elmer) 1890-1965

Links for E. E. Smith: Wikipedia ISFDB

Smith, Evelyn E. 19[27|37]-2000

Smith, George Oliver 1911-1981

Links for George Oliver Smith: Wikipedia

Sparks, David R. 1897-1968

Stearns, Charles A.

Stecher, L. J.

Sutphen, Van Tassel

Tabakow, Lou

Tarbell, Lee

Taylor, J.A.

Teichner, Albert

Links for Albert Teichner: ISFDB

Tenneshaw, S. M.

Tevis, Walter S. 1928-1984

Thames, C.H.

Thomas, Theodore Lockhard 1920-

Tinker, Joseph

Train, Arthur Cheney 1875-1945

Urban, Helen M.

Vance, Gerald

Vandenburg, G.L.

Verne, Jules 1828-1905

Links for Jules Verne: Wikipedia ISFDB

Vincent, Harl 1893-1968

Vonnegut, Kurt 1922-2007

Links for Kurt Vonnegut: Wikipedia ISFDB

Wald, E.G. von

Waldeyer, Graph

Walker, Anne

Wallace, Floyd

Wannamaker, Jim

Weinbaum, Stanley Grauman 1902-1935

Wellman, Manly Wade 1903-1986

Links for Manly Wade Wellman: Wikipedia ISFDB

Wells, Hal K.

Wells, H. G. (Herbert George) 1866-1946

Links for H. G. Wells: Wikipedia ISFDB

Wertenbaker, G. Peyton

Westlake, Donald Edwin 1933-2008

Wicks, Robert

Wilder, Stephen pseudonym of Stephen Marlowe

Williams, Ralph

Williamson, John Stewart 1908-2006

Wilson, Robert H.

Windser, Therese

Winterbotham, Russell Robert 1904-1971

Wright, Sewell Peaslee

Yaco, Murray F.

Young, Robert F. 1915-1985


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