Keep your damn videos, you Yankee Douchebags

I saw the Joaquin Phoenix melt down. I even linked to the Youtube video. Then CBS swooped in and took that down. I tried to link to the official CBS version. Too bad. I can't see that because of my location. I thought: let's check the "How I Met Your Mother" section. I've been entertained by the show and I like that they made heavy use of Youtube to promote the show.
I went to their user account only to find "We are unable to show you the original featured video for this channel due to age or location restrictions."
Thanks alot, CBS. We bought Season 1 and Season 2 on DVD. Don't expect us to buy Seasons 3 and 4. And Youtube: the paranoia to escape prosecution is going to ruin the site. Google/Youtube should have been lobbying to liberalize fair use. The audience of TV watchers is moving to the web. If they could see the same material they used to see on TV, they'd gain an appetite for it. Mash-ups = exposure. Tributes = exposure. Instead, we're going to get a million hours of insufferable home movies everyday. Ever sit through a video of your Aunt Ethel's trip to Pasadena? Soon that's all that Youtube will have to offer. That and skateboarding epic fails.


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