Recession: It's the New Communism and the Middle-aged Terrorism

The economy has had some hard knocks. The main problems: bank management were co-opted by their "rule-lite" investment divisions (eg. CIBC-Woody Gundy is run like one of those buddy movies where one brother is an accountant and the other is a sociopath);
retards were allowed to buy homes that they couldn't afford; and Dubya got the U.S. into hock to China to fund the Iraqi war. The problem isn't the economy: it's that we're bored and malleable.
The news LOVES to cover this recession-- or is it the Depression-- or the financial Apocalypse? Businesses are not falling over to the speed that the media would have you believe. New businesses are opening. Our economy has fallen all the way from white-hot down to simmering. What's really happening?
Recession is the new black. For the last seven years we've had the War on Terror-- the gripping tale of how North America was about to be attacked by Al Qaeda. With Barack Obama in the White House, suddenly the imminent terror isn't so imminent. A generation ago, Communism and the Cold War was always in the news. We were going to be nuked at any moment! We must have been nuked 20 years, I'm sure of it-- given all of the press.
Communism is dead. We're tired on the War On Terror (it has lasted a year longer than WWII and there's no sign of it going away-- or having existed in the first place). With all of us nestled in high priced homes that we know we cannot afford, we need to be gripped to watch the news: the "if it bleeds it leads" concept that fear sells is driving all of the reporting on the economy. The banking meltdown is the perfect way to get viewers' attention. Now, all we need it another good banking scare to galvanize people. Keep watching the news: if you miss just one broadcast you could lose your money, your home and your job.
If ratings don't go up, reporters will have to resort to going into crowded rooms and shouting "Fire!" to drum up ratings.


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