Zealous Commissionaires

Zealous Commissionaires
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Do you know what is helping to rot downtown? This guy is single-handedly doing it.
A couple weeks ago, I learned that Eugene's downtown location was closing. The owner had cited many problems with downtown. Not the least of which were the crippling traffic policies. My friends and I decided to hit Eugene's one last time. As we waited out in front of the place, we watched the street theatre: a commissionaire was running RUNNING from car to car warning them off. If they dallied long enough, off to the side of the road to let out a passenger, he'd be on them yelling at them and prepping a ticket. A one point a woman in a car was stopped because of the flow of traffic. He shouted and her and told to do move it-- even though she had no where to go.
Billion Dollar Deano, his council and those prior would likely condone-- even applaud this approach to keeping the traffic moving. Yes, people need to park in only legitimate parking spot. But how much harm is there in stopping to the side of the road to let people out-- not in the flow of traffic, mind you, but off to the side?
Victoria has successfully scared away people who have enough money to own a car. You are left with government workers and office staff who make use of downtown during lunch hours. And you are left with the people who mill around in doorways and set up camps behind the City Hall.
Congratulations to Downtown Victoria: I will not bring my car nor will I go downtown.


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