Ooohh!!! Famous!!

I get my start in the morning by watching the A-Channel News after Dave Gerry and Simi Sara were ejected from ShCityTV last year. Every morning, A-Channel trucks out a combination of local advertisers who have fascinating things to say-- like a dress shop that had dresses-- oOohh!. They also march out fascinating people-- like a bald life coach who's sage advice was linked to dieting or weight loss (I guess she cannot help thin people-- sorry, Twiggy).
When I see these people, I think: "Why am I not up there?" Then, "Why would I be up there?" Then, "I should do something interesting enough to make me show up there!" The epiphany comes after that: do I want to have my unfortunate mug up there on TV for some good reason? Why would I be working so hard to get on the news. I don't want to join the Chumpsville of public office (well, not anymore...). I don't want to be a TV personality (at least I think I don't-- though being a Youtube darling would be cool, if only my "studio" were not dimly lit and scented with cat litter). I have had brushes with the media in the past and it's a painful head-stand as they try to simplify and condense the message into something that their community college mindset can accommodate. I actually want to no longer work, maybe dabble, and spend my time effecting social change (in a good way). Basically, I want to be a fabulous jack-ass/gadfly/artist. After all, it's what I was built to do. I don't know how answering stupid questions from hair-dos will help those goals.


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