He Searches For Something, He Knows Not What

So here's a rundown of the last few days:
  • I have been working on a way to suss out how many single people may be attending a Facebook publicized event. The problem: the output has been random. And, it hinges on user participation. I have a magical flare for being able to do 80% of any of my recent Facebook app attempts.
  • I have been tethered to the work server-- making for late nights, early mornings and lots of frustration. Sure, I could up and walk away when I am not at work. Just like a guy playing Russian Roulette can keep playing and has nothing to worry about because there's a 5-out-of-6 chance nothing will happen.
  • On Friday nights, I have been reading and obsessing over BSG. Woo!
  • I would prefer to be exercising or living, but when I stop moving for 10 minutes without some computer-introduced crisis being visited upon me, I crash out. It's likely a case of negative re-inforcement coming to fruition. When I start to step away from the work computer, I often get an almost literal shock. As I have enough inertia to keep going, but I can't keep working on work stuff, I plow away at trying to accomplish something. Accomplishing something would be nice.
  • I have been searching out a source of web traffic-- a subject or topic that could be interesting, worth exploring and total traffic bait. I know of enough sites out there that are funded by their onslaught of hits and curiosity. Traffic of yesteryear: the Stinky-Meat project, What-up Willy and this post about a monsterous burger (mmm.... 100 patties). What's my What-up Willy?
  • I spent 30 minutes cooking the Lotto 6/49 stats into a list of number-by-number frequency; most popular and least popular numbers. Statistically, there is no magic combo. That said, 12 numbers come up 33% more than the 12 numbers at the bottom of the frequency scale.
  • I gathered some Creative Commons Flickr photos with the thought of a larger project. Meh-- no dice.
  • I could be working on a revision of my last completed novel; or the re-write of my first completed novel. I am creatively vacant, so there is no point in trying. This is likely why I've been tinkering with these micro-projects: they can be done with the leftovers of creativity that I still have.
  • I spent some time obsessing over whether there is an online mapping and API combination I could use to come up with a trip optimizer. No dice-- but the search will continue. My Magellan GPS navigator does have the function to do exactly this, so I know it exists.


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