War of the Wolrds II: Mars of Fire

Here's a movie idea:

Picking up from the close of the 1953 sci-fi classic, War of the Worlds II: Mars on Fire, has the Human race counter-attack the Martians. The year is 1961. Kennedy is in the White House. The Russians have been wiped out by the Martian attack. American know-how and stolen Martian technology combine to launch waves of space marines in rocket ships at the slimy aliens from Mars. Marines break into their subterranean hives and hand out a little payback. It's all shot in vivid Technicolor with square-jawed heroes and their dishy female counterparts. WWII:Mars On Fire pays homage to the great sci-fi movies of the 50's and 60's, with silver space ships and the plastic fantastic mindset from the days of America's Camelot. It works on both levels: as a campy tale and as a story of all-action: good vs. evil.

"Take me to your leader. I'm gone kick her Martian ass" Our central hero, scientist turned Marine Captain Wash Perry, leads a mission of take out the Queen, leader of the Martians. Will he succeed in wiping out Earth's deadliest foe; or can there be peace, brotherhood and an end to the War of the Worlds.


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